Some messages from our Pre Primary children

“I love Head Start because the teachers are very kind”

“I will never leave. I like to come to school. I wish Head Start will be for never ever”

“Head Start is the best school. My class is buterful. I love to play with the footbol. I love school”

“I have played in Head Start for many ears. I lern new werk. I like ol the werk I do. I lik the games I play”

“I like Head Start. The auntes dont shout at us”

“I love the flowers in the garden. I love the sandpit”

“I like to play in the sandpit. Head Start is yellow and blue. I like to play with my frends. I like extended seshen. I like the fish” 

“Thank you for making my Head Start school. It is the best”

“I want to be at Head Start till office”

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