A Journey from Infancy to High School

Montessori learning is designed to follow a child’s developmental milestones. Our curriculum therefore aligns with the characteristics of each age group. The development of the ‘whole’ child is important - physically, sensorially, emotionally, intellectually; as an individual and as a member of a community. Our child-centred programme offers creative choices and enables each child to work according to readiness and ability.


15 months to 3 years

Infancy/Early Years Programme
Our Infancy programme focuses on self-sufficiency, strengthens gross and fine motor skills and appeals to the senses. It is integrally related to skills required for independence in our day to day lives, something the young child intuitively craves. The principle followed is ‘learning by doing’.

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3 to 6 years

Pre Primary Programme
Around the age of 2 ½ to 3 years, children transition to the Pre-Primary environment. Along with their physical growth and coordination, they are provided with experiences that further develop their senses, enrich vocabulary and the power of communication, as well as an understanding of numbers. They get a feel of the culture that surrounds communities around the world and their connection with it.

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Grades 1-6

Lower Elementary: 6 to 9 years (Grades 1,2,3)
Upper Elementary: 9 to 12 years (Grades 4,5,6)
Around the age of six, children are ready to stretch beyond the environment they know and explore what lies beyond. They have a voracious appetite for facts, a desire to assert their claim for mental independence, and vivid imaginations. The mixed age group in each Elementary environment provides opportunities for wider social interaction. Groups of children work on different concepts, unlike in a traditional classroom where every child is doing the same thing.

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Grades 7-12

The journey continues at Head Start Educational Academy
On completion of the Elementary programme (Grade 6), children have the option of continuing their journey from Grade 7 to 12 at Head Start Educational Academy, Sarjapur. Both the ICSE and IGCSE exams are offered for Grade 10 and the ISC and AS & A Level for Grade 12.



Admissions for the Academic Year 2024-25 are now open.
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Work With Us

We are looking for:
Montessori Adults for our Infancy Programme (15 months to 3 years), Lower Elementary Programme (Grades 1 to 3) and our Upper Elementary Programme (Grades 4 to 6).
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