I have learnt to be empathetic and inclusive...I learnt to recognise people for who they are

Shiv Kapur
Student at Head Start from 2005 till date
Now in Grade XI

I have been at Head Start since the age of two and it has been wonderful thanks to the kind, and experienced teachers and the wonderful atmosphere. The children at Head Start are very simple and nice in their own way. I have learnt to be empathetic and inclusive because I had friends in school with special needs who have shared my entire childhood with me as we studied, played and supported each other. I learnt to recognise people for who they are.

The well-planned annual field trips have taught me about different cultures and India’s history as well as helped me bond with my classmates and my teachers. I definitely had fun being everyone’s morning alarm! I would encourage parents to see the value of these class excursions.

Furthermore, Head Start has given me a multi-faceted platform for finding my potential in fields ranging from sports to theatre. In 2016, I had enrolled in the Theatre programme under Samta Aunty. We were a group of fifteen kids who crafted a play based on the life of bus drivers and conductors. We were invited to perform in Cubbon park for the BMTC staff. It was a great experience interviewing the BMTC staff, visiting the BMTC office and performing! When we prepared, I enjoyed the responsibilities given to me because I was very young at the time. The following year, we were invited by the BMTC to perform this unique “Bus Play” because the entire cast performed on a real bus and the audiences found it fascinating.

Today, being an 11th grader I feel very fortunate to get 45 minutes of rigorous physical exercise on a daily basis thanks to Head Start’s multi-sport faculty and facilities. My best memories and friendships revolve around the sports field interacting with the friendly sports coaches and other classmates. In 2016, after two years of hard work under the guidance of the highly experienced Ravi Sir, and two attempts at the shield, our school team tasted victory at the BTR U-14 Division 3 shield. Thanks to the mentoring by Riad Uncle and the culture at Head Start, our teams have learnt to play fair no matter what the outcome!

I would like to thank Samina Aunty, Riad Uncle, Priya Aunty and Prema Aunty, among others, who have aided me and given me a wonderful journey and brought me to where I am today. I am sure that their support will help me satisfy my aspirations in life.

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