We have seen this institute grow from a healthy plant to a strong tree

Tejshree and Gagan Kapoor
Head Start parents from 2005 till date
Parents of Khushi and Tejas

Head Start
Walking down memory lane, when we think of our association with Head Start, the key words which come to mind are faith, trust and warmth. We have been fortunate to be companions in the journey of education. Education not restricted to academics alone.

We have seen this institute grow from a healthy plant to a strong tree. Our children have grown with it, under its shelter, from toddlers to young adults.

We had visited Head Start Montessori House of Children sixteen years ago. The minute we stepped in, we knew this was the place for our child. The vibes, the positive, friendly atmosphere, and the calm in spite of the clatter of children, are what instantly caught our attention.

Auntie Samina and the teachers used to welcome the children every morning at the gate of the school, greeting each child at the entrance with their name. I always wondered, how teachers could remember all their names!!! Maybe because they truly believe every child to be their own.

As parents we have always felt confident about the growth and nurturing of our children. Not only academically, but more importantly as individuals.Discipline in Head Start was not imposed but inculcated. I remember turning to its teachers for support and advice, when as a parent I found myself on shaky ground. Thank You for being there for us.

On it’s 35th birthday we would like to Congratulate Team Head Start for doing a phenomenal job and we wish them many more years of success .

God Bless.

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