We had made the right decision by entrusting our child to Head Start

Magesh Babu and Priya
Head Start parents from 2012 to 2019
Parents of Nishanth

Nishanth joined the Head Start family in Class 4. The first day was butterflies in the tummy, not only for Nishanth but for us as parents. We were worried as to where the bus would drop him at school, if he would know the way to his class, or if someone would guide him. Finally, we decided on following the bus all the way to school to check out how our little one would figure his way around. The bus reached school and we parked outside the campus. Our first sight was of children drifting into Samina Aunty’s loving embrace. Then we saw Nishanth getting off the bus.  We wondered what he was going to do. We were sure he wouldn't introduce himself to Samina Aunty and we really did not expect her to recognise him. But then Nishanth was slowly walking in, and Aunty walked towards him, gave her warm, welcoming smile, and hugged Nishanth. Oh how relieved we felt! We left school satisfied, knowing with absolute certainty that we had made the right decision by entrusting our child to Head Start.

Throughout Nishanth’s journey in Head Start the same love and tender care has been showered unconditionally on him. How lucky we are as a family to have known such a beautiful soul and to have been a part of this wonderful organization. We've always felt the warmth of Aunty in all the teachers and other employees and helpers. I am sure it trickles down from the top to all levels and has its effect on the kids.  We wish your good influence affects more and more. It is such love and care that the world needs.

Thank you. God bless you!

Even after we decided that Nishanth would be joining another school for Grade X1 as he was pursuing engineering coaching, Riad went out of his way to help us figure out if that was the right option. He also spent a lot of time arranging meetings with teachers and planning ways he could help Nishanth. This kind of care for children really touched our hearts and I learnt how far Riad can go to help a child to figure out the best option for their future. We are truly grateful to you Riad, Thank you. We are glad that Nishanth was in this loving & caring environment.  We hope he has picked up these character graces from you and Aunty as it is certainly a quintessential lesson for a child’s development into adulthood.

We could go on forever about the plethora of experiences we have had with Head Start, from that nerve-wracking first day to this emotional end of a life changing journey. The teachers, the projects, the school trips and countless other great things have made this journey precious. We've learnt so much and we are truly grateful. Thank you again!

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