It’s been close to thirty years since my own sandpit days at Head Start

Saqib Khan - an ex student from our Garage days! Now a parent!
Head Start parent from 2014 till date
Father of Rafae, Aiyza and Alia

They say from the age of about 3 is when a child begins to retain images from his or her life. For some it’s a bit hazy. For others it’s as clear as the light of day. I can happily say my first memory of life itself is of my mom dropping me off at Head Start. I must have been around 2 ½ or 3. I don’t know if it was my first day or week, but the image is clear.

We were around 15-20 kids then. Head Start was in a cute little house in Koramangala 3rd Block, and wasn’t too far away from where I lived. I don’t remember much from those days except how I loved playing in the sand pit (by playing I mean eating the sand). I remember Samina Aunty and Geetha Aunty watching over us, always smiling, always ready to listen to our problems like it was the most important thing in the world. That’s as much as I remember about my early days.

It’s been close to thirty years since my own sandpit days at Head Start and I am super proud and happy at how far the school has come. I have three children now. Two are already attending Head Start and one is about to join in a couple of months. My experience as a parent has been nothing but joy. The school’s culture, attention to detail, the personal touch and the balance between academics and extra-curricular activities is unparalleled. Also, the support that my Alma Mater extended during a recent family crisis is something I will never forget.

On its 35th Birthday I would like to thank the school and the Head Start family by wishing them immense success and happiness in the future.

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