You prepare the child for the world

Reshu Mogra
Head Start parent from 2016 till date  
Mother of Jay Mogra

Head Start! Congratulations on your 35th!
All the way from Sarjapur Road, Yes!
I still recall the first day at your Early Years Montessori
I have seen Jay settle to 9 am to 12 noon and un-settle to 25 minutes.
From me convincing my husband, it's Head Start, they will take care.
And the warmest Usha, to tell you, Ma'am, every kid settles, don't worry!
From Early Years to Pre Primary, Jay turning into a more understanding boy.
From English to smartness which you people bring in, I wouldn't have felt much happier anywhere else.
You prepare the child for the world.
Thank you for giving my son a secure place.
Thank you for giving me the secure feeling.

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