Our Community

Our community includes our children, their parents and families; educators, administrators, support staff, and the environment in which we work. We believe we should treat all with respect—the members of the community, as well as our physical space. Only then can we respect and care for the community of life. This culture forms a strong security for children and prepares them for the future.

Arrival and Departure
New children have a ‘settling period’ during which the time spent at our House of Children is of a shorter duration. This and other aspects of settling down are discussed with the parents at a special Orientation.

Once a child is settled and comfortable, we have a drop off and pick up system in place. Punctuality is extremely important and children are expected to arrive at the scheduled time. Based on this expectation teachers and team members plan the day. Children also need time to reflect and be calm before the day’s activities begin.

We realise that unavoidable circumstances may occasionally cause delays but all parents are requested to make sincere efforts to be on time. If you are going to be late kindly inform us. In the event that you are early, kindly wait with your child till we are ready to receive him/her. If you are delayed beyond a reasonable time during the pick-up time, please contact our Communications Officers. This is important as one of us has to stay back with your child and also extend the necessary reassurance till you arrive

Please call our Communications Officers when your child will not be attending school. In case of long absences kindly send an email accordingly, addressed to the Principal. We do get concerned if we do not see a child and would like to be informed about his/her wellbeing.

Irregular attendance affects the child’s routine, social and all round development at school.

If your child is unwell please do not send him/her to school. Recovery is quicker at home and infection of other children and team members can be avoided. If children become unwell after coming to school, their parents will be contacted. Basic first aid and care will be available but the school is not equipped for long term care.

We must be able to reach parents at any time during the course of the school day and therefore request them to keep their child’s information records up to date with current telephone/mobile contact numbers, addresses and e mail IDs. This is extremely important.

We encourage independence and children should be in a position to handle their clothing and footwear on their own. We request parents to send their children in comfortable clothes and shoes that they can put on/take off themselves. Kindly do not send your children to school wearing expensive jewellery such as gold chains or dangling earrings. We cannot be responsible for the care of such items.

Personal belongings (e.g. jackets, sweaters, snack boxes, should have the child’s name written clearly on them. A basket/container is kept near the entrance of the school for ‘lost and found’ items such as clothing/water bottles/snack boxes. Items that are not claimed after some time may be kept as extras at school or donated to people in need.

Every environment has a Snack Corner where children eat their snacks. We encourage healthy eating and request parents not to send junk food. Healthy, nutritious options are recommended.

Parent/Teacher Interaction
We value meaningful interaction with our parents. While specific times are organised for such communication during the year, parents are welcome to ask questions or discuss anything concerning their child/children when or if the need arises. However, we request you to make an appointment so that we can give you our fullest attention when you come. Just like parents may request a meeting, the school/teachers may schedule additional meetings if necessary.

A spirit of cooperation and meaningful interaction between parents, the home, teachers and school are extremely important. We do believe that raising a child involves a partnership.

Appointments may be made through our Office/Communications officers, not directly with teachers or other staff members.

Class Placement
Keeping in mind group dynamics, needs and interactions, all decisions regarding class placements rest with the school. The individual child’s emotional, social and academic development, learning style and temperament are considered while such decisions are made. In some instances, circumstances may require the Principal or academic team to plan a schedule for a particular child which differs from the usual routine. This would be discussed with the parents in relation to the individual child’s needs and planned accordingly.

Child/Staff Privacy
Head Start keeps personal information confidential, respecting the privacy of each child and his/her family. The school does not give out phone numbers, addresses, e mail IDs, either of families or teachers/staff members.

Environmental Materials
Each Environment has a set of Montessori materials which are shared by the children of that group. A sense of ownership is encouraged so that children take pride in the maintenance and preservation of all that is in their Environment.

Montessori materials are very attractive and are there to be used by all the children. Sometimes children find them so attractive that pieces of apparatus get invited home! These pieces could be part of a set and if missing, would henceforth be rendered incomplete. Therefore, please return them on the following day.

Each birthday is a special milestone! Parents may want to share a cake or other eatables with their child’s group. If so, kindly contact us prior to the birthday so we can guide you with regard to quantities and other details.

We do not permit balloons, hats, whistles, or return gifts. The birthday child could gift an age appropriate book for the reading corner, but in no way is this compulsory. It is also relevant to mention that occasionally an individual child may not be keen to make the day different at school because it is his/her birthday. Let the child feel comfortable about the decision made!

While parents are welcome on their child’s birthday, we are particular that they do not take photographs in the working environment and post them on social media platforms. They may be keen to share the occasion with their family and friends but we must respect the fact that other parents may not wish to have their children’s pictures posted without permission.


The safety and wellbeing of our children is very important to us. We respect each child’s dignity and self-esteem and that of our entire team.

Our campus is secured by a fence, trained guards, and by security cameras. Our classrooms are designed for safety with excellent visibility to their interiors through large glass windows. Our children’s bathrooms have half doors promoting access but also securing adequate privacy. Our teachers and staff are safety aware.

All visitors must make an entry in our visitors’ log, be given authorisation to enter our campus and wear a visitor’s ID during the time they are at school.

Our Safety Policy Document details compliance with the Prevention of Sexual Harassment in the workplace, Child Protection Policy (POCSO), Code of Conduct for staff and team members, and is managed and overseen by a Safety and Child Protection Committee.