Admissions FAQ

When do Admissions open?

Online Admissions Application Forms are available exclusively on our Admissions Portal. The dates for accessing and submitting these forms are announced on our website.

How are Application Forms made available?

Application Forms are made available exclusively via our Admissions Portal. They can be accessed and submitted online. We do not issue hard copies of our Application Forms.

What does the Admissions Process involve?

  • Our admissions process is transparent and selection is based entirely on our ability to meet the needs of the child. We do not appreciate the use of external pressure, political or otherwise.
  • Admissions Applications are made available exclusively on our Admissions Portal for a prescribed time.
  • Parents are requested to register, fill out and submit the Admissions Application Form online.
  • Our Admissions Committee reviews all applications. Each form is given due attention and read thoroughly. This process usually takes anywhere between 4-6 weeks following which you will be notified regarding the status of your application.
  • Parents will receive periodic updates regarding the status of their application.

What is the age eligibility?

    • Our Early Years programme is for children aged 15 months to 2½ - 3 years.
    • Our Pre-Primary programme is for children aged 2½ to 6 years.

It is suggested parents apply when the dates for Online Application Forms are announced for the coming Academic Year (this would mean their child has not yet reached the eligible age). This is advised so that we can reserve a place for their child as and when he/she turns the correct age during the academic year. Parents who do not apply the previous year for the coming Academic Year starting in June, may find admissions have been filled up by the time they want to apply.

Children who join our Early Years programme automatically graduate to our Pre-Primary Programme at Head Start Montessori House of Children, Koramangala.