Admissions FAQ

When do Admissions open?

Online Admissions Application Forms are available exclusively on our website once a year for the coming academic year. The dates for accessing and submitting these forms are announced on our website.

How are Application Forms made available?

Application Forms are made available exclusively via our website. They can be accessed and submitted online. We do not issue hard copies of our Application Forms.

Parents are welcome to submit an online admissions enquiry form. Your details will be kept on file and should vacancies arise, we will contact you. Kindly note that submitting an admissions enquiry form does not guarantee admission and will be considered only should there be a vacancy.

What does the Admissions Process involve?

  • Our admissions process is transparent and based entirely on vacancy and our ability to meet the needs of the child. We do not entertain external pressure, political or otherwise.
  • Dates for availability of Online Applications are announced on our website prior to Online Admissions opening.
  • Application Forms for Admission are made available exclusively on our website for a prescribed time.
  • Parents are requested to fill out and submit the Admissions Application Form online via our website.
  • Head Start Admissions Team reviews applications once Online Admissions close. Each form is given due attention and read thoroughly.
  • A date and time for interaction with the parent/s and the child are fixed and communicated via email (this is after the date for receipt of Online Forms has closed and we have reviewed all submitted applications).
  • Scheduling of interactions could spread over four to six weeks.
  • Decisions are communicated via email post the interactive session.
  • A child is officially enrolled in our programme when the Managing Trustee and/or Director have approved the admission, and the admission fee and fees for the year have been received.

What is the age eligibility?

    • Our Early Years programme is for children aged 15 months to 2½ - 3 years.
    • Our Pre-Primary programme is for children aged 2½ to 6 years.

It is suggested parents apply when the dates for Online Application Forms are announced for the coming Academic Year (this would mean their child has not yet reached the eligible age). This is advised so that we can reserve a place for their child as and when he/she turns the correct age during the academic year. Parents who do not apply the previous year for the coming Academic Year starting in June, may find admissions have been filled up by the time they want to apply.

Children who join our Early Years programme automatically graduate to the Pre-Primary at Head Start.

When and how are applications reviewed?

No applications are reviewed until after the application submission deadline has passed. This is to give all applicants a fair chance if they apply within the stipulated time frame.

Once all forms have been reviewed, the Admissions Team fixes a time for interaction with the parents along with their child/children. This is not an ‘interview’ but an interaction which helps the team understand and see if we can best meet the needs of the child and also gauge whether the parents would be happy with the Head Start philosophy and methodology. These interactions could spread over a few weeks, based on the number of applications received.

How are Admissions Decisions communicated?

All admissions decisions are communicated via email. Please be patient during the admissions process and understand that the admissions staff is unable to provide any insight into your chance for admission until the whole process is over.