The Montessori Environment
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Connectivity, Creativity, Culture

All knowledge is connected and making connections brings added meaning to the excitement of learning and discovery. History, Geography, Science, Maths and Language are intricately woven together, and knowledge therefore becomes one.

Young children eagerly absorb concepts if they are presented in concrete form. One example is an introduction to the Sandpaper Globe, also known as the Land and Water globe, introductory geography material from the Sensorial Curriculum.

The main features of the Sandpaper Globe are the blue water and elevated land formations with a sandy texture. From this beginning, children move on to a Coloured Globe which displays the continents of the world in different colours, with progression to more detailed maps and landforms. Such progression is seen in all areas of learning.

Montessori materials make concepts tangible and serve as touchstones in the child’s memory for years to come.

At Head Start we believe that each child’s creativity is unique unto him/herself. Creativity is not the production of works of art but unity of the entire growing personality. In speaking, reading and writing children must master the symbols and systems invented by others. In expression and application, they should be allowed to use their own ideas, devise their own symbols and have the opportunity for expressing imagination and feeling.

In the Montessori environment, children learn about countries and continents, cities and capitals, traditions and festivals. As they become aware of other cultures, they are encouraged to celebrate differences and value them equally.