We are immensely happy

Pankaj and Shilpi Garg
Head Start parents from 2016 till date
Parents of Arnav Garg

Team Head Start,

I was born and grew up in South Bangalore, and had heard of Head Start for many years. In fact, I wanted to put my child in Head Start even before we got one! We are fortunate to have been selected as parents and this is our child’s 4th year in the school.

We are immensely happy to send our child here. We are surprised that he knows lots of things that other kids of his age don't know. Thank you Head Start for this wonderful journey. Education is the most important part of life and we are getting the best for our child. Arnav is too eager to go to school always. And yes, when asked, we feel proud to say that our child is going to Head Start.

Keep it up and continue this noble work.
Happy Anniversary to all of you... may you have many, many, many more.

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