It's been so enriching and satisfying

Shruti Gupta
Head Start parent from 2014 till date                  
Mother of Anaisha and Seher


We feel greatly honoured and blessed to be part of this wonderful Head Start legacy where the philosophies are still rooted, the culture being rapidly strong... adaptive and imbibing at the same time.

5 years ago, it was like handing over my child straight from the womb, but to a place where she was cared for and nurtured.

As a mother no one could break my rules for my child. Not even my mom would dare... But here it was like a surrender, and at each step the boundaries were broken for the better.

The journey started with anxiously waiting outside Early Years for the whole 3 hrs to finally reaching a level a confidence to wave my child off all by herself in a school bus.

It's been so enriching and satisfying all through and we feel really secure to send our precious ones to a wonderful place like this.

Thank you so much.

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