At Head Start, I have experienced learning, not schooling

Shiv Gupta (Grade 12 Graduating Class of 2018)
Student at Head Start from 2002 to 2018
Joining Oxford Brookes University, UK

My journey with Head Start began when I joined the school at the age of 2 ½. Being so young while joining the school, allowed me to grow alongside with it and be more involved in its future.

The Montessori years of my school life allowed me to learn with other children who were of different ages - both younger and older than myself. This mixed age group style of classroom allowed me to learn from those older than me and also help those younger than me. This essential skill of working in a mixed group of individuals helped me from a very young age to learn how to work with others as a team member and helped me understand that the learning process shouldn’t only be self-work and success, but should also be an experience that we share with others, so that we can all learn and progress together. The future is in everyone’s hands, not just the hands of one person.

I truly feel that Head Start uses this ideology throughout its educational programme, until high school as well. The school is able to instil in all children, the Montessori discipline and culture, and even manages to integrate it alongside the education systems of the respective exam boards that the school offers.

At Head Start, I have experienced learning, not schooling, and feel that the lessons and experiences that I have had whilst being a student are lifelong.

I thank Samina Aunty, Riad Uncle and all the teachers and team members who  have helped me grow in this enriching community.

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