For me Head Start was my second home and I will miss it and all its members very dearly

Darshan Vikram Shivadas (Grade 10 Graduating Class of 2019)
Student at Head Start from 2005 to 2019

Head Start- A marvelous start to my long journey of schooling. A journey of 10 plus years filled with apprehension, fun, academics, music, sports--what a lovely journey it was! I remember those wonderful years at Head Start Montessori when Samina Aunty would wait for us at the  main door and greet each of us every day with love and affection. What was amazing was that she remembered each of our names. Once we entered the portal of the school, it was an environment filled with learning, interactions and fun filled activities. I will fondly remember all the affection showered on me by the aunties and ammas.

Our excitement knew no bounds when Riad Uncle and Loynel Uncle installed artificial turf in the Montessori school. Spelling Bee contests under the magnificent banyan tree, musical evenings, annual excursions to different places, Teachers’ Day, Children's Day, the annual Sports Day were all fun, interesting and educative. The teaching staff at Head Start Educational Academy have always been approachable, caring and helpful which helped me to put my apprehensions aside. Going to school was indeed a pleasant experience!

While I have a lot of fond memories of Head Start I clearly remember an issue which disturbed me quite a lot. While for most it might sound like a minor issue, for me it was a mega issue - lunchtime was a nightmare. I dreaded going to school for a few days. Samina Aunty knew exactly how to tackle the situation. I remember her taking me to sit with her for a few days and conversing with me during the lunch hour. Slowly and surely she made me comfortable and I gradually adjusted to the menu.

On the first day of our Board Exams (the centre being Carmel Convent) Samina Aunty didn't fail to come to see all of us, to comfort us and wish us the very best for our exams. She made sure that the respective teachers were present to do the same on all other days of the exams. When I think back, I wonder how many Principals would do this for their students?

There were other occasions when Mrs Priya and the other teaching staff gave me a lot of moral support.....can't thank them enough!

In my view I don't think any Principal or school would take personal attention and care to this degree- thank you all. I firmly believe that under Riad Uncle's leadership, Head Start has become a remarkable and wonderful institution and will continue to be so. I will always cherish the wonderful years at Head Start and be grateful for the contribution made by all the aunties and uncles in moulding me. For me Head Start was my second home and I will miss it and all its members very dearly.

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