We can see that she has been taught with love

Sherry Daroch
Head Start parent from 2016 till date
Mother of Naysa

Naysa joined Head Start in October 2016. From the time she joined it has been an incredible journey for her and for us. Every morning she looks forward to going to school, which takes away any worries we ever had. We wanted her to feel safe and also be in a great learning environment, which Head Start gives perfectly. They follow the original Montessori method which has developed great confidence in Naysa. She has always loved her Aunties-- Kunj Aunty, Lata Aunty, Ashwini Aunty and now Chandani Aunty, because all of them have been extremely loving and understanding. We can see that she has been taught with love. From the time she enters the school she is greeted with smiles, Good Afternoon from the whole staff, including the Principal Mrs Roopa, which leaves me with a smile. I know that she is well taken care of. Head Start is extremely approachable and open to listen to us parents if we have any questions or queries and also solves issues to the best of our satisfaction. Naysa comes home with a smile and lots of stories to share about her day. Head Start is a great school with a great staff.

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