Our journey with the school continues and will always be a part of us

Sushant and Gitanjali Gupta
Head Start parents from 2002 till date
Parents of Shiv and Dev

To each and every hand that has nurtured and cared for our children, Thank You.

Our hearts overflow with gratitude for the role you have played in shaping these young beings.

As our older son Shiv stands on the brink of adulthood, tall and strong and ready to fly into his land of tomorrow, we are reminded of our little boy of 2 ½  years that took his very first step away from home into the warmth of “Head Start Montessori House of Children”.

Head Start has been just that ... a House of Children envisioned by Samina, the dream taken forward by Riad, where children have had the privilege of unfolding at their own pace, discovering their own uniqueness--where respect for the Child has taught them the value of both self respect and respect for others--where freedom of choice has instilled not only a strong will but also the confidence to make informed choices for themselves, and where being with a diverse group has taught them that each being is unique and special.

In the words of Dr Maria Montessori:
“The education of even a small child therefore does not aim at preparing them for school but for LIFE“ and Head Start lives by that.

These life lessons are far more valuable than any qualification, and as parents we can see a generation of free thinking, kind, strong willed beings that will change the world.

As a young graduate straight out of college I was inspired by Samina to study Montessori and become a part of the school in its early years, and since then, both Sushant and I have been an integral part of Head Start.

Our journey with the school continues and will always be a part of us....as we watch our younger son Dev evolve into his own uniqueness, we know that a big part of his and Shiv’s characters is what Head Start has nurtured.

Thank you Samina, Riad and the entire team at Head Start. May you continue to enrich the lives of children and in doing so leave the world a kinder, more beautiful place.

Heartfelt gratitude.

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