It has been an amazing and fulfilling journey

Surendra and Sheeja
Head Start parents from 2005 till date
Parents of Darshan Surendra

We began our journey with this school when Darshan turned 2 ½ . Today he is 16 yrs old and still continues to enjoy love and care from Head Start. It has been an amazing and fulfilling journey. Head Start is like an extended family to us. We believe that every single person at school has had an exceptional role to play in making our child who he is today.

Thank you for all the wonderful years Darshan has spent with you. It has truly been a joy to be part of this adventure from the beginning, and to see the school and children evolve so beautifully. Darshan, and through him us, have really enjoyed every minute of it, the excellent quality of teaching, the efficacy and friendliness of the whole Head Start team, the atmosphere, the excursions, the fabulous music shows.....

Thank you for these wonderful moments.

Congratulations on successful completion of 35 years and wishing you all the best for many years to come.

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