About Us

Head Start Montessori House of Children was founded in 1984 and celebrated its 30th birthday on July 4th 2014. For over 30 years Head Start Montessori House of Children operated exclusively from its location in Koramangala. It is now reaching out to children in the Whitefield area. It is run and managed by the Head Start Educational Trust.

Our Board of Trustees is responsible for the financial management of the school. Our Managing Trustee and Founder Director, in collaboration with our Principal, make decisions regarding our educational programmes, with inputs from our academic team. Our Head Start name and logo are registered trademarks with copyright reserved.

Head Start Montessori House of Children has been a home away from home for many children in Bengaluru for over three decades. This Montessori House of Children is known for its love and attention for the child. Head Start has also helped spread the pedagogy of Dr. Maria Montessori, especially at a time when there were very few Montessori schools in Bengaluru. The Koramangala facility has helped many children grow and evolve.

The Montessori movement has grown, inspiring many educators to undergo the training and implement the pedagogy. Dr. Maria Montessori spent a few years in India, working with both children and teachers, leaving behind a beautiful legacy that respects the child and follows his or her natural development. Awareness of the efficacy of such a learning environment, and the philosophy behind it, has spread her movement and given more and more children a chance to be part of it.

Head Start has been committed to serving the needs of the child according to the spirit of Montessori and believes that this is a pedagogy that has survived over a hundred years because of its clarity, its ability to work at the pace of the child and its potential to include children with different needs, all within one space referred to as an environment.

Samina Mahmood, Founder Director says, “The method is so perfect that it’s hard to change; its articulation is brilliant and makes you believe it is a way of learning that truly develops every sense and need of the child. We are fortunate to be a part of this global family”.

An institution that is known for its transparency and willingness to share its thoughts on education with parents as well as other interested people, with two preschools in Koramangala, is now opening a third branch in Whitefield. The design is specific to a Montessori House of Children and will cater to the needs of the child between 15 months-3 years and 3-6 years.

Head Start also runs a Grade One to Twelve school, Head Start Educational Academy, on Sarjapur Road. It has an Elementary (Primary) Montessori programme from Grade One to Three. From Grade Four to Eight it has its own composite syllabus that incorporates the Montessori philosophy leading to a choice of either the IGCSE or ICSE examinations for Grade Ten. Thereafter it offers the AS & A level for Grades Eleven and Twelve.