We always connected with the school’s philosophy

Meera and Vivek
Head Start parents from 2010 till date
Parents of Mihir V

Head Start has been a part of our lives for nearly a decade now. Head Start was, in fact, our first choice when we moved to Bangalore for our son’s Second Grade.

We always connected with the school’s philosophy of nurturing a well-rounded, sensitive & good citizen, rather than an outstanding student, who is focussed only on studies. The focus and insistence on extra-curricular – music, theatre, sports – in the primary years, the field trips that the school undertakes every year to interesting places, the idea of having only school prepared food, serving each other as they grew older and washing their own plates, the counselling sessions as they grew into their teens - all of this has helped shape the children’s growing years. In fact, their education for the day has always begun on the (sometimes) rickety BMTC bus trip to school!

We have also had the pleasure of having highly invested teachers, who are friendly, have a personal connect with each student and who have always tried to bring out the best in each child. We still remember the extra effort the teachers put in to bring Mihir up to speed when he joined the Second Grade and had some catching up to do.

Mihir has thoroughly enjoyed studying in Head Start. Thank you Team Head Start and we wish the school many more decades of enriching students’ minds.

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