Our children developed a bond with the school and were blossoming

Vikram & Jeena Shivadas
Head Start parents from 2005 till date
Parents of Darshan and Uday

At the outset we would like to congratulate Team Head Start on completing 35 glorious years of imparting education and moulding minds.The last decade of our association with the school as well as our children's engagement with the school have been both an enriching and fun experience. To be honest, in the initial stages we were a bit skeptical about the philosophy considering that we as parents came from a background where the primary focus was only academics, and that too, with a high degree of rigour. Both of us remember vividly the interview we had at the time of joining, where it was clearly communicated to us that the culture at Head Start is vastly different.  While initially we looked at Head Start as a Montessori module, with the passage of time we realized that our children had developed a bond with the school and were blossoming and having a holistic development.The conducive environment at school and the fun our sons were having was reflected in the fact that both Darshan & Uday were looking forward to going to school everyday.That being the case, we decided that they continue their journey with Head Start - thank god for that decision!

We believe that Head Start has played a pivotal role in moulding our sons to what they are today. As in the case of most individuals, Darshan  & Uday too have had some ups and downs - we jointly thank Head Start teachers, administrators, and all members of staff who gave their full support and encouragement during those trying times.

The culture fostered in the school by Samina Aunty and Mr Riad is something we quote to all our friends and family when we discuss Head Start. We strongly believe that the conducive environment at Head Start is an outcome of the ideology wherein each child is encouraged based on his/her strengths. This we believe has instilled a sense of confidence in both our boys and are sure is the case with other students too.

We wish this institution and each and everyone associated with it the very best for continued success.

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