It’s been the most amazing 4 years of our lives

Shivani Shivhare Karnani
Head Start parent from 2015 till date
Mother of Vishwanath

Dear Samina Aunty,

I would like to begin by expressing my gratitude to You and Team Head Start, for being there for us and for all the kids.

It’s been the most amazing 4 years of our lives, in which we have seen our tiny bud, blossom into a full bloom flower, in a beautiful garden called Head Start Montessori House of Children. We feel fortunate to have an environment like yours, where we can entrust, each and every person in the school, with the job of nurturing our child like their own.

Looking back to where we come from, I would like to mention that we were bringing up Vishwanath very, very carefully and delicately, like a pearl in the oyster. We were always so particular about the environment we exposed him to, that by the time he turned two, we got very anxious and nervous about finding an appropriate school for him…often wondering, does a place like we wish for, even exist!!......And, the rest is history…..

It’s been a marvellous and a blessed journey for us. Your team has always been exceptional and your guidance and support is what made the biggest difference at all times. Would like to express heartfelt Gratitude to You, Roopa Ma’am, Mr. Riad, All the Aunties and the Entire Team including Communication Officers, Ammas, Traffic Team Members and Security.

I am so overwhelmed to express my ecstasy and pride, in how you have transformed our little bundle of  joy, whom we handed over into your arms four years back, into a ‘personality’ which is so unique, confident, expressive, sensitive, cheerful, resplendent and adorably charming…!!

Would like to conclude by mentioning that, Maria Montessori would be so pleased and proud, smiling from the heavens, to see how beautifully and enduringly, you have recreated Her philosophy into a practical reality, on a land far away from where this was born..

Wish you and The Team, All the Very Best and Many More Joyous and Prosperous years to The Journey : Head Start

May you continue to touch and transform lives, for generations ahead…

With Love and Warm Regards.

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