The most special thing about my journey with Head Start was stability

Talin Bajaj (Grade 12 Graduating Class of 2018)
Student at Head Start from 2002 to 2018
Sophomore at Northeastern University, Boston, USA

  1. Being a Montessori child, I felt like I was always challenged by my peers. Each of us could grow, develop and learn at our own pace. There was no pressure on learning something within a fixed time. I loved this because I could focus and enjoy my learning more since I was not bound by time. In addition, I liked that I did not have to follow a specific path or syllabus to learn but could choose whatever I wanted to learn.
  2. Yes, I do remember my pre-primary years. However, I have never been in an environment where I am surrounded by only my gender, so I do not know what that is like. However, I can say that being in a mixed gender community, I learnt how to conduct myself.
  3. During my pre-primary years, working with materials was the most natural learning that I ever witnessed in my years of education. This is because, as I said before, I was not bound by time or a syllabus so I could choose what I wanted to learn. So, when I went to school, it didn’t feel like a place where I was forced to learn. Thus, all my learning was very enjoyable since it was never forced.
  4. I feel that Montessori made me more disciplined with my work. Since, when I chose something to learn I would put my time and effort into it, I would do the same when I had to follow a syllabus in middle and high school.
  5. Most of my special memories with Head Start have been on the trips that we have taken including those to New Delhi, Pondicherry and Andamans. These trips really allowed me to get closer to my friends and teachers since it was a very informal environment. In addition, I have got so much exposure from these trips. Thus, I hope that the school continues to offer these trips and even maybe offers foreign trips because experiencing new things with your peers really makes you closer to them.
  6. The most special thing about my journey with Head Start was stability. Over the years, I never felt that I was falling behind with my learning or development or relationships. Everything seemed to be on track.
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