Educators' Perspectives

From our Pre-Primary Team

Chandni, Elizabeth, Kunj, Najla, Payal, Preethi, Ritu, Sangeetha, Sowmya
– Montessori Adults, Pre-Primary

Working with children is a privilege. We find ourselves in a world of wonder, simplicity, innocence, and unconditional love. The children are the same, the environment is the same; yet every single day is different! We look forward to what each day may bring.

Head Start has encouraged us to introspect, believe in ourselves, and use every day as an opportunity to learn and update ourselves. Each year brings new learnings and accomplishments. Who would have thought a person with two left feet could teach her children dance, or a person with stage fright could make presentations standing before an audience? We are now lyricists, composers, carpenters, and artists, all in one!

Head Start understands how a young child feels to be away from their parents; and so every single day, we welcome our children with a warm smile and a greeting. What started out 35 years ago at the gates of Aunty Samina’s garage, where she received her first child, continues to this day. It is a tradition that we have all happily embraced. This gives our children a sense of belonging.

We love being a part of a school that is so child-centric. Everything is designed keeping children in mind. While all spaces are accessible to the child, every precaution is taken to ensure their safety and well-being. This gives the child the freedom to explore and learn.

Learning is not just confined to the classroom, it is everywhere. There is a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor environments. Children are free to choose their activities and the space they wish to work in. This helps them develop independence. Watching our children grow while retaining their individuality is something we will always treasure. The outdoor space gives children an opportunity to observe, explore, and experience nature. One of our little ones said, “A garden is like a jungle for the insects.” Children help us see the world from a perspective we hadn’t considered before.

Every achievement of our children is more precious to us than our own accomplishments. Once, after a discussion with a group of children about the Solar System, a five-year-old said, “I want to know everything.” “About planets?”, the teacher asked. “No,” came the prompt reply. “I want to know everything about everything.” Interactions like these assure us that we have lifelong learners.

We have formed relationships and bonds with our peers and mentors that extend beyond the classroom. The Head Start family is incomplete without our parent community. All of us are a cohesive unit that works together towards creating a better experience for our children.